Adult Game Birds


Attention Shooting Preserve Operators!
We deliver large quantities of pheasants throughout the United States and locally for sporting purposes. Prices vary according to quantity, location of delivery and time of the year. Please call us for further details.

Attention Local Landowners!
We have pheasant available for pick up to release onto your land. You can build up your pheasant population or plant birds for your family hunting weekend. Please call us for further details regarding availability and pricing.

Attention Local Dog Trainers!
We have pheasant and chukar partridge available for pick up to train your dog. Please call us for further details regarding availability and pricing.

Please understand that adult birds CANNOT be shipped.

Adult game birds can only be delivered in large quantities or picked up at our farm in Princeton, MN.

Oakwood Game Farm rooster pheasant


Although our hatchery and the subsequent shipping of hundreds of thousands of day old pheasants and chukars is a major part of our business, Oakwood also raises approximately 75,000 pheasants and 30,000 chukar partridge to maturity each year.

Oakwood Game Farm rooster pheasant

For 52 years now, Oakwood Game Farm has been a major supplier of Chinese Ringneck Pheasant and Chukar Partridge. Our many years of experience in the handling and crating of gamebirds gets them to their destination quickly and in excellent shape.

rooster pheasant flying

Not all Pheasants are the same. Genetics plays a huge role in the performance of these birds and our “blue back” Chinese strain is absolutely the most explosive and hard flying bird raised in captivity. Hundreds of our customers over many, many years will attest to this. You can not buy a better performing bird anywhere.


an adult chukar partridge


The Chukar Partridge is a bird of choice for many preserve customers and dog trainers as an alternative to Pheasant or Quail. Our Chukars are raised on the ground successfully (as opposed to wire floor pens).  We believe this makes for a bird that is better feathered and one that maintains a higher level of “wildness” and quickness of flight.

we don't always have taxidermy birds available so please call to check availability


Here you see adult roosters that are ready for taxidermy. Look at the beautiful white rings and blue backs these birds possess.  Taxidermy birds are available for only a limited time.  Harvesting usually starts in late November and ceases early February.  Please call regarding availability.

Oakwood can handle your bird needs from 10 to 10,000–whether it be for:

  • Dog Training
  • Taxidermy Purposes
  • Fine Eating
  • Gift Giving
  • The High Volume and Standards of Preserve Hunting
  • Release for developing wild population

Oakwood Game Farm provides the
quality and service you will appreciate.