Oakwood Hatch Day

Join Us On a Typical Hatch Day. . . We hatch every Monday April through July. Jim & Betty have perfected the process of hatch day that it goes as smooth as possible.  Our customer’s guaranteed satisfaction is our #1 priority. Take a look at our pictures and follow what happens on a typical hatch day.

day old chukar partridge chicks are very difficult to sex out when first hatched, in fact we are not able to tell the difference between males & females until they are much older

We start off in the morning by pulling the trays that hold the chicks which just hatched out of the eggs that morning. Here one of the trays is shown with the chicks. They are ready to be counted, put in the box, and ready to be shipped to you.

Here you see Faith & Scott counting the chicks from the trays into the shipping boxes. We hatch up to 50,000 chicks each Monday–you can imagine how much counting we need to do!

For orders of 100 chicks or more we use this size box with the four compartments. We usually put 26-33 pheasants in each square. We ensure that the birds will be warm enough, yet not too hot.

pheasant and chukar partridge chicks ready to be shipped to your post office

The boxes of chicks ready to be loaded into our air controlled vehicle which takes the birds down to the Minneapolis airport. Notice the green stickers on the side of the boxes that warn people that live game birds are in the boxes and to handle them with care. We take every precaution possible to ensure 100% live delivery to you.

That is a typical hatch day!

You should expect to receive your birds within a couple days after they are
shipped on Monday.  Make sure to call your post office to alert them to your shipment
of live birds (to ensure they call you as soon as they arrive).