Fresh & Smoked Birds

Our smokehouse craftsmen use a carefully guarded recipe to produce a nut-brown, savory bird that’s moist and juicy and ready for the most discriminating taste. Our fresh and smoked game birds are processed in a government inspected facility. Naturally, we use no preservatives, artificial flavorings or additives.

Oak, hickory and a variety of wood chips impart the very special “Oakwood Flavor”.

Oakwood Game Farm Smoked Pheasant


One of our most popular items. This product is fully cooked and is best served chilled or room temperature. It is meant to be an appetizer, served with cheese and crackers. It is not recommended to warm this product up, as it may get salty. Ask for our Smoked Pheasant Spread recipe, perfect to spread on crackers or bread. (Average pair weight is 4-5 lbs.)

One Pair $79.00 + 2nd Day Air Shipping

fresh frozen pheasant and wild rice


Ready for roasting, these fresh frozen pheasants are a perfect gift! Ask for our Creamed Pheasant recipe, a sure hit for your dinner party.
One pheasant will feed about 2-3 adults if served as the main meat dish (don’t count on any leftovers, though!) (Average pair weight is 4-5 lbs.)

One Pair $65.00 + 2nd Day Air Shipping


This is the genuine Minnesota Wild Rice you have heard people talking about. Cultivated Grade A.  A dark colored rice, longer to cook, rich & nutty in flavor. Recipes included with each package.
Comes in 1 lb. sealed plastic bags.

$12.00 + Shipping

hand harvested wild rice has a lighter color & more mild flavor


If you’re a purist, then you’ll opt for our Hand Harvested Wild Rice.  You’ll find this rice to be lighter in color, shorter to cook and more mild in favor. Recipes included with each package. Comes in 1 lb sealed plastic bags.

$18.00 + Shipping

you can purchase 3 packs of pheasant jerky in an order


Why not try pheasant in a way you never imagined?  A jerky similar to beef jerky.  A great way to add a finishing touch on a birthday gift or use as a stocking stuffer.  (1) package of jerky.

$16.00 + Shipping

wild rice pheasant brats, cheese pheasant brats


All bratwurst are fully cooked. Great for grilling, frying or in a crock pot with barbecue sauce. It’s a bratwurst that could be served any time of the day. Each package weighs about 1 lb and this order includes three packages the Pheasant Brats with Wild Rice.

$51.00 + 2nd Day Air Shipping  


Everyone loves summer sausage! Give a unique gift of summer sausage made with pheasant and pork. Includes (3) 12 ounce packages of sausage.

$60.00 + 2nd Day Air Shipping


Each package includes three 3 to 4-inch sticks.  Perfect for the hunter’s Christmas stocking or just to have around for snacking.  Includes (4) packages.

$16.00 + Shipping