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Chicks arrived in good shape

“I received my chicks on Wednesday morning.  All are in great shape.  I’m sure these chicks will do well as the ones have done in the past years.  Thanks for the quality birds and friendly service!” Mike in PA

Customer Comment

Thanks for sharing your comments! “It has now been 2 1/2 weeks since I received my chicks and to date I’ve only lost 2 of them.  They are growing like weeds and have used almost a bag and a half of feed!  Thanks again for the great birds!” Chuck in MN

How to Protect Game Birds from Predators

Located in Princeton, Minnesota, Oakwood Game Farm hatches over 300,000 game birds annually. Oakwood Game Farm specializes in raising Chinese Ringneck Pheasants and Chukar Partridges for training dogs and to populate private lands and shooting preserves. It also sells tens of thousands of day old game bird chicks, and ships them nationwide. Through its 40 […]

Tricky Cooking Gamebirds

Preparation of gamebirds can be very tricky and usually one of three things can go wrong. 1.  The birds are not cooked long enough. 2.  Too high of a temperature is used when cooking. 3.  The birds are cooked too long.   Typically in the case of birds being tough, it’s usually caused by being […]